Today there are many issues to choose to support, mine are domestic violence and rape for very personal reasons. The statistic say that 1 in 4 women will be the victim of sexual assault. The truth, 1 in 4 women will tell of her assault. As a domestic abuse survivor, child advocate and training with rape crisis center, my answer is I AM MY SISTER.  This section takes on activism, inspiration, and support for victims. Here we will explore statistic, stories, and inspire victims to become survivors with a family of support.



You say you love me, respect me, show me the evidence, I’ll wait

For what I see, you have raped me, murdered me, sold me, abused me, and tried to rebuild me in the image suitable for ascension and my social disgrace.

Your desire to own me, control me, chain me for your luck to confuse me, undo me, and to keep me locked up with you holding the key.

Look at you, all shiny, and new having used my essence to polish your shoes. I see you standing in all your glory, my back broken from where you stand so others can get a better view of you, I pity you.

I pity the fact you took my kindness for weakness, thought I was senseless in forgiving, no condoning your acts. I pity that you thought the costume you designed would fit me as a matter of fact.

I was never asleep bruh, you can bet on that. I AM WHO I AM, nothing can change that. I gave you what you needed like when the ball discovered the bat providing the momentum, the wind, I’m great like that. 

So as every chapter ends, a new one begins, but before I go, let me get this in…

No longer will I kneel nor accept 2nd place. You wanted glory, recognition, and gave you a taste, you spit it in my face, now you must be replaced. I’m no longer hypnotized by your car, you place, or attempts to be great, while disrespecting me to my face. 

I learned the lesson by watching you be fake. So I’ll take my throne back and tidy up this disgusting place. I don’t need you to take the garbage out, it’s you, so just leave with haste…

The Divine Feminine  


One Night

One night dressed in my nursing white, I stood in front of them, face bruised, eyes wide, and pleading for the spot light of a 13inch television at the local police station. They replied , “We didn’t see it, there is nothing we can do.” I cried, “You’re gonna wait for him to kill me, where is my rights?” Andy Griffin told Aunt B, he’s coming home for dinner. 

One night, as I walked back to my prison of torture and emotional strain, defeat making every step heavier and heavier, I felt it ignite, the rage. It rose like lava burning its path through the network of veins, childhood memories, and teenager discoveries. I allowed my mind to accept the plan of carnage and gore that would be left from my hands. Every word moving pass like a teleprompter, my truth spoken in the battle for life and pain of peace as my mind rewinds what I would say led up to this one night. Who would survive, it is I?

FACT: 1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted and usually by someone they know. The trueness of the statement is that 1 in 4 women will speak her truth of sexual assault


What If

What if no one told you:

you’re ugly, unintelligent, weaker, submissive, your value lies in your body, what’s between your legs, your useless, should be silent, 2nd, no 3rd in line

What if someone told you:

you’re beautifully made in every shape and color, your body is the essence of the Universe, your mind the Cosmos Consciousness duplicated on land

You are:

the helpmate, sent here to help those in need, the power you possess equals, and surpasses their physical strength for your voice brings balance, wisdom, love and without it humanity dies a little bit every day in your silence.

If no one has never told you, I just did…

Madd Love and Positive Energy.

One Step is all it takes to reach out for help. Even if you have taken it before, keep trying until you find your freedom. Below is a listing of local resources.


Dekalb County

Day League Rape Crisis Center provides counseling services and more for victims and their families. 


24hr Crisis Hotline (404) 377-1428


Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence


Atlanta, Ga Domestic Violence Help, Shelters


Atlanta Woman’s Foundation